As promised, here is my post about my vacation in Cyprus. After a nearly 3 hour flight to Larnaca and a 2 hour bus ride to Paphos. Finally we arrived!!!
It was already quite late, so the hotel was illuminated by the sun which matched the name – Elysium. After some fast unpacking we went to the buffet dinner, which was really tasty. Every day there was a different theme, for seven days. Then the cycle started again. Matching there was almost daily live music
Even late at night it was quite hot, so you could finally put all the dresses on, for which it was too cold in Germany.
After dinner I did a little walk to the beach to explore the hotel complex a bit 😉
The next day was intended just for relaxing after breakfast, which I really deserved after this incredibly stressful year in school. In addition, I was able to explore the resort again more closely in daylight. The pool with the pool bar was really nicely laid out, but in my opinion a little too warm. The sea, however, was refreshingly cool and best reached via a footbridge
2-3 days passed, but eventually doing nothing is also a bit boring. So I went off to the shopping mall which is air-conditioned, thankfully: D.
The Mall is called Kings Avenue Mall and we had 15 minutes to walk from our hotel.
But of course in Cyprus there are also some sightseeing points, anyway, there is the last divided capital in Cyprus (Nicosia). There are many tours offered. Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend my tour (Ruslan). While the two and a half hour bus ride a lot about the history of Cyprus was told, but in Nicosia the information was really too little or better to say hardly any…
But you can also discover the town on your own. For example, there is an elevator in the department store Debenhams to an observation deck on the 11th floor. Otherwise, you can visit some museums or walk to the Green Line. The Green Line is the border between the Greek and Turkish part and is named due to the fact that her place was painted on a card with a green pen in history. : D
The Ledra road, which leads there is the largest shopping street in Nicosia, so it is a really enjoyable way , which sometimes can take a little longer than the actual 10 minutes 😉
You can also cross the Green Line, but of course you’ll need a passport. In addition, you will be fairly accurately controlled and you’re not allowed to take some things – questionable whether time is worthwhile.
But not only in Nicosia are sightseeing points, Paphos also has plenty to offer, such as the royal tombs which were right next to our hotel. However, during the summer heat you shouldn’t go there before 6.00 pm.
But I liked the archaeological park at the harbour of Paphos much better. Again, it is best going there in the late afternoon and take a bottle of water
The Park closes at 7.30 pm but there are a number of outputs with hubs that are always open.
The water is not only good to drink but also to let to the colours of the mosaics shine. For this you only need a little bit of the water and squirt it over the stones.
Also in Paphos old town there should be a place of interest – the market hall, but, well … Many Fake shops and hardly any food or linen. So rather not worth seeing. (
Full Paphos is a World Heritage Site also due to the long history. Accordingly, there is much to see and it is recommended to do a Segwaytour. Because it ‘s fun , it’s windy , not too hot and you can see many things in a few hours (ca. 3 hours) .
With this sightseeing breaks the two weeks relaxing passed again too quickly, it’s always the same 😉

Where were/ are you during the holidays?


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2 comments on “Cyprus

  • Hi, wir hatten auch überlegt, ob wir dieses Jahr nach Zypern fliegen – haben uns dann aber über Griechenland entscheiden, weil ich ein günstiges Angebot gefunden habe. Dort will ich mir auch mind. eine historische Stätte ansehen.
    Im Mai hatten wir schon unseren Jahresurlaub und waren in Island und sind dann über Toronto nach Kuba geflogen. Das war eine sehr schöne Reise. Zuerst kalt und dann heiß 🙂 Wenn du Lust hast, kannst du gern bei mir vorbeischauen. Ich würde mich freuen. LG Myriam