Mein Ordnungssystem

This is my second post in the category “Be Organized”. Because of lovely Kathi from filoblog you now already know, how much fun it can be to beautify your planner. Today I want to show you how much I like to sort my school supplies.
Its morning and you want to pack the satchel quickly. Stress, panic … But where is all the stuff?
So this couldn’t happen I created a shelf for each subject. On the right side I stick a sign with the subject name, on the left side an empty one, which I have laminated. Who doesn’t want to laminate the cards or isn’t able to do so, also simply can wrap them with tape. 😉
But why do we need the blank cards?
Finally, everything is packed and you are ready to go, but wasn’t there even homework?
I used to forget my homework often because I simply didn’t take a second look in my homework book. Now I write all the things I have to do for this subject on the laminated card with a water soluble marker pen. If the things are done you can simply wipe the card.
By the way the cards are fixed with small tape rolls on the back.
Of course you can also use a stand-up folder for this purpose.

I normally use it for tasks that have nothing to do with a specific subject, but still have be done.

Last but not least: The usage of folders. For sure some use such a folder at school instead of different exercise books. I’ve also tested this for a year but then I thought it is stupid somehow. This was mainly because the folder does not fit into any backpack or in any handbag and therefore it always must be carried by hand.
For me folders have two functions:

Only 5 days until the exam / school task, but where are all the work sheets which I should learn again? Or were there some information in my exercise book?
Surely everyone knows this mountain, which is waiting for you before an exam / school assignment. A folder cannot avoid the process of collecting the information. However, I write summaries before each exam, in other words I write down the most important things on this issue again. That sounds like a lot of work at first sight, it also is in a certain way. But I am able to learn better from it, because now I’ve remembered all the information by writing.
All these summaries I put into a “knowledge” folder. So I can look up things quickly again, for example, for homework
Had we done that last year? Maybe at the beginning of the second half? Stupid, that I don’t have the documents any longer…
This is the second function of a folder for me. All exercise books, worksheets and notes are filed by subjects and date into a folder.
You think I’m crazy? You think I’m a total order fanatic?
Yes, maybe, but a lot of things come to mind just easier and could a bit of madness not also be well? 😉

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  • Ich glaube ich muss meine Sachen demnächst auch mal besser organisieren, ich kenne nämlich das Problem, wenn's morgens stressig wird… 😀