Pink & Black

Rainy weather, darker days and cold mornings … that clouds the mood, especially since we all still could need a little more of the summer .
But how can you make sure that you won’t be swept away by this weather? Correct, summerly fresh Decoration is the answer .
So this is why today there is a small decoration idea again. This time with my favourite colour pink.
It not only looks good but is cheap and also easy to imitate.
What you’ll need?
– Black decoration stones
– Square vase (about 10 cm high)
– Wire balls
(available in every Deco shop)
– Decoration flower
(in my case black roses and pink orchids)
Now just fill the vase with stones at the desired height, put in the balls arbitrarily and insert two flowers on each side diagonal in the stones.
How do you like this idea? For me it helps me to get in a better mood after a grey and wet day. 🙂

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