Oktoberfest/ Wiesn

O’zapft is! (official start of the Wiesn  Bavarian name for Oktoberfest)
Just in time for Oktoberfest start yesterday there will be a post in my category Be Munich of course.
Many do not know the background of the Wiesn and will be amazed how long it actually already exists. The Oktoberfest was not always the biggest beer festival worldwide.
On the occasion of the wedding between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12th, 1810 many celebrations took place in Munich. One of them, the horse race, on 17th October, is the beginning of a Long Oktoberfest tradition. The Theresienwiese was selected for the horse race due to its good suitability. At today’s Theresienhöhe there were bleachers with around 40,000 seats.
Over the years the Oktoberfest grows slowly to its present size. The first merry-go-round were built and since 1850 the Statue of Bavaria attends to Oktoberfest.
Now you’ll wonder, “Why is this year only the 182nd. Oktoberfest?”
This is because of multiple outages, especially in the 20th century.
The Wiesn today:
The Oktoberfest attracts over six millions of visitors every year. Many guests are coming from abroad, mainly from Italy, the USA, Japan and Australia.
Amazingly, a trend has developed in recent years to wear the array again. It is not only worn by traditional people, but also by young people and foreign visitors. Dirndl and Lederhosen experience a big Come Back.
Everyone knows the tents and the excessive flow of beer. But that’s not everything the Wiesn has to offer. There are so many rides and the “Oide Wiesn” (Traditional Wiesn) for visitors who like to have it a little bit more comfortable.
Especially when it gets dark and all the rides are illuminated Oktoberfest is getting beautiful. Then you best take a ride on the ferris wheel and let this 2-week madness sink in from the top.
If you once see the total size of the Oktoberfest and the many people from above, you’ll realize how incredibly the development that has taken place here in 182 festivals is.
Maybe you’ll take a look there some day or have already been there 
What do you think of a Dirndl special?

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