Beautylight *

Today I want to introduce you a great Beautygadget that can clearly facilitate doing your makeup every day.
Maybe this sounds familiar: Your face is never illuminated evenly, so you overlook some of your make-up errors, just like dark spots. At work or school you finally recognize the dark makeup spot. Hopefully no one has seen it.
But that’s no problem any longer thanks to the Beautylight.
When the package arrived I knew immediately what it was, because that package was wrapped pink. So already the packaging made me somehow happy.
Under the pink plastic a pink cardboard was hidden and in it the Beautylight.
But what is this “Beautylight” a light that makes you beautiful? More or less!
The Beautylight is a small lamp which you can attach to your mirror with the help of suction cups. It is available in different versions.
The versions differ in housing and light colour. The face is really super well-lit so makeup faux pas have no chance.

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