Merry Christmas – 5 Blogger Fails for Christmas

Hi Unique,

the year has hardly begun, and it is already over again. Although everyone has been talking about cookies, presents and Christmas since the beginning of December, Christmas came naturally, like every year, again quite suddenly 😉

And even though we plan everything, organize and structure everything – something always goes wrong. That’s why there is a different post today, which should make your waiting time for the present giving  a little sweeter 😉

Today it won’t be about love, presents or decoration tips, no, today I will tell you about the 5 biggest failures that happen to bloggers during the Christmas season 😉

1. Panic, stress and the end of the year

Reflection time? Oh, my God! Especially towards the end of the year, stress breaks out among influencers. Which giveaways do I start when and with which brand? Will I find enough cooperation partners? When is the best time to post this outfit, and when the other one? Should I also present my favorite recipes, decorations and gift wrappings?

Well, and with all this organization wave, one or two things can be easily forgotten. So while I’m sitting here between all the giveaway packages for you and lovingly wrapping up each of them, I suddenly notice that I don’t have any presents for my family yet. Oops!

Fortunately, the first raffle was already at the end of November, so I still had a lot of time to find suitable presents 😀

2. Glitter, glamour and photo shooting

Of course, matching looks also need to be shot – one for Christmas, one for New Year’s Eve and maybe even one for family get-togethers. Since I’m mostly indoors at these events, i.e. in a warm environment, I won’t wear a thick down jacket. Stupid only if it’s 0 degrees outside and I want to shoot a short dress there. Of course, everything has to look normal and super relaxed and soooooo warm. I mean, who freezes at 0 degrees without a jacket?! Hello Rudolf, hello cold! 😀

Luckily I found a solution to this problem, too… as you may have already seen, I have been allowed to do some shoots at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. Wonderfully warm!

3. Sale, gifts and giveaways

As if the normal Christmas stress wasn’t enough, there must be sale everywhere. As I am an absolute sale-buyer, I have to look at all the offers. It’s not like I don’t have enough stuff already. Well, what can I say – Black Friday & Co. are definitely working for me.

Now, in addition to my giveaway parcels, there are also the ordered gifts for the family and my sale purchases. Meanwhile, I feel like Santa Claus at his parcel station. Unfortunately, I don’t have the elves to clean up all my packaging waste.

4. Tutorials, DIYs and decoration

Since I don’t just want to show you unboxings and tell you university stories, I’m struggling through the package trash to film a short DIY. It’s Saturday and tomorrow is the first Advent, so I decide spontaneously to film an Advent wreath tutorial. Unfortunately my thoughts are not yet so far, because somehow another part of me seems to have decided for an Advent calendar DIY. So I film my Advent wreath and write “Step by Step Advent Calendar DIY”. Um, yeah … 😀

5. Gift wrap, hot glue guns and lots of glitter

The gifts have been bought, the giveaways sent out and the own sale shopping yield sorted – finally my room can be entered again normally. #christmasgoal!

Now it’s time to finally wrap all the presents – my favorite pastime before Christmas. Somehow it calms me down and well, you know: Glitter always makes me happy anyway.

Gift wrapping is of course always good story content. So I show a step-by-step tutorial and while I hold the hot glue gun with one hand and the mobile phone with the other, the hot glue drips beautifully on my foot. “Don’t let them know anything! Just scatter glitter and complain later” I think and talk happily into the story.

When the story is over, a nice little blister has formed. Anyway, it glitters! 😀

When it’s finally Christmas …

Yes, when finally, finally, the day has come, I sink into the cushions with relief, look at all the glittering gifts (which fit to my blister) and I’m just happy that it’s finally Christmas 😀

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful and contemplative Christmas and hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones without any failures 😉


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