Cozy in Blue

this weekend Fashion Yard was here in Munich on the Prater Island.
Here you could find new fashion designs of young designers, as well as fair trade and vintage fashion. But not only the creations of young designers, but also the designers themselves were there.
Both Saturday and Sunday there was a fashion show of the collections as a wonderful little shopping break. Of course it was also some catering, so no one had to be hungry. There were 5 different Street Food Trucks so something for everyone was offered – from Mexican to Italian over American food everything was there. For a refreshing beverage you could buy Fritz.Kola.
That sounds great? Right –  but that still was not all because at a Brow Bar you could get your eyebrows made and even some make-up done.
The henna tattoo stand provides even for some holiday feeling, as I think.
It was really interesting to watch not only the exhibitors, but also the other visitors, to discover new Styles from other fashionistas
For more just klick here.
I promised you some time ago to make some outfit posts, but unfortunately I’ve currently so much stress for my exams that I probably could do this only from Christmas onwards …
Today you see not only the first outfit in ” new Studio ” , but from now on I will also use the gadget below so that you know where to find things like that 
I hope you like it 
Do you like these giant scarves or not ?

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