DIY Adventskalender

after a “long” break I’m back now. That I didn’t blog since 6 days was not my fault, but due to the Internet disconnection that occurred al of a sudden.
But well, anyway better late than never.Today you’ll see my Advent calendar DIY. It’s really simple to make, not too much work and still looks modern and classy.
What do you need for it?
  • Paper bags (available at Depot in a 24er pack)
  • christmassy washi Tape
  • number stickers
  • artificial snow
  • cardboard box, best very low one
  • branches of a fir tree
  • small Christmas baubles
  • content, just as you like
First of all I folded the bags at the open side as I wanted to close them later in order not to stick the tape accidentally too high, so that it disappears when closing
Now you just pasted the bags with Washi Tape, I used 6 different ones, so that they recur regularly. In addition, I tried to install all the tapes about the same hight. When all the bags were done I’ve stuck the number stickers on the bags. Now it is ready for the filling.
I filled a low box with artificial snow and placed the “key” bags into it. So the bags don’t just stand lost and the whole thing looks a bit nicer These are of course Christmas and 6.12 (Santa Claus in Germany), as well as the 3rd and 4th Advent. The second advent this year is on 6.12 anyway. Otherwise you’ll find the days just before Christmas in there, so to speak, the countdown.
Finally a few small red Christmas baubles and a pair of fir branches as decoration and ready is your little Advent -Landscape.
What kind of advent calendar do you have this year?

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