Sleeping Beauty

Each of us knows the term “beauty sleep”, but what is it about the myth?
In fact, many studies proof that sleep makes us truly “beautiful”. Not only the skin remains radiant instead of being gray, but also small repairs are done at night. These repairs are supported by growth hormones, which are produced only during sleep. Moreover, everyone knows that creepy dark circles around the eyes after a short night, which to conceal is often difficult and then the mood drops to a low.
In addition, lack of sleep seems to reinforce the feeling of hunger, that is, less sleep means more gym. So I rather sleep, since here is fat burned as well – and you?
To optimize your beauty sleep even more, there are a few tips today.
So that your sleep becomes even more relaxing it should be not too hot in your room, but rather pleasantly cool.
For the reason that no fat or dirt particles from your hair stick to your skin, you should plat it easily. So the hair structure is not damaged. Who wants to do one’s hair something particularly good overnight, may use a hair treatment from time to time.
Since as already mentioned, our body works especially during sleep in full swing, so creams can better feed in. So you can treat yourself with a cure, not only in your hair but also for example for your hands and feet. Mask it, put on socks or gloves and wake up with tender skin;)
So indulge yourself and your body with the deserved sleep.

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