1 amazing Year

My blog is now 1 year old and what I have achieved this year thanks to you is just amazing. I’m so happy that I started blogging.
A year ago I was still ridiculed by my friends and family.
 “Why should your blog be large and successful”
“If you get 100 followers you can be proud of you already “
And I was proud about my first 10 followers, even if they mostly where friends and relatives.
At the beginning I have blogged irregular and sometimes I added a new platform.
After about half a year I started with Facebook and only 2 months ago also with Instagram. That was the best decision ever.
I still can’t believe it when I tell you that we are already over 7500 Uniques : O
Wow that is really amazing *_*
I thank you for your loyalty, your nice comments and of course for the messages that I receive from time to time.
As some already know my blog is moving to another website. Actually I wanted to make it happen until today, but there is still something like my graduation 😉
What do you wish in future posts? In which topics are you interested?
I look forward to more wonderful years with you Uniques.
P.S. Do not forget – you are unique.

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