Graduation and Nike-Shoes

I’m really sorry that I post irregularly on Instagram as well as here on my blog. This is mainly due to the graduation-stress.When I’m sitting all day in front of my laptop anyway, I’m usually happy if I can simply have some relaxing time in the bathtub in the evening.
That’s why I decided to withdraw from posting a little bit in the next 1-2 months, and so I’m going to post only once a week. On Instagram I still try to upload a pic every other day. I would be delighted if you stay a follower. < 3
So let’s talk about something more pleasant 😉
As a small learning reward I recently bought these shoes and I love them. They are super comfortable and just fit to anything. I really have been looking for a long time to find these shoes and I’m so happy now 😉
Are you more of a sneaker type or rather a ballerina type? I have to say: you can never have enough shoes 😉

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