Today there is a very quick and easy DIY again. I see more and more people on Instagram, who hang some of their clothes on clothes rails, so I’ve been thinking a suitable DIY. On the clothes racks you mostly hang, I’d say the more representative cloth. Actually, you want to show all the ones who enter the room, what beautiful things you have, so to say, the Unicorn onesie is rather hidden away in the closet: D
But why should only the clothes be representative and not also the hangers?
I often see thin, unstable wire hangers on Instagram pics, which are simple but just nothing special. That’s why I searched such a long time for a hanger I like. After some time I found the Loft hangers from Wenko. These are also quite cool themselves indeed, but there is still something special missing.
Therefore I have ordered silver wings made out of wire and fabric material fitting to my wall decoration. I fixed these wings with the hot glue gun to the hangers and you’re done. There are my angel hangers. The hardest part of this DIY is actually to choose a hanger: D
Of course, you can also use something else instead of the wings, for example, a crown.
How do you like my new hangers? 😉

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