Frühlingsmodetrends 2018 Top 5 Mode-Tends im Frühling 2018: Eines vorweg, langweilig wird die Mode 2018 definitiv nicht. Transparenz, Pastell und Denim gehören zu den Mode-Trends im Frühling 2018 und die Mode-Trends haben im Frühling 2018 noch einiges mehr in petto. Egal ob direkt vom Laufsteg oder aus dem Kleiderschrank der Start. Auf Be Sassique verpasst du keine Trends.

Rain? No Problem!*

when you leave the house at the time, you never know what the weather will be like, but mostly it ends up with rain and not with the summer I’m dreaming of. Coming totally wet to the café, the cinema or to your friends – anything but beautiful. I especially hate those damp cold feet or bottom of the pants: /
Today I want to introduce a small bad weather helper that prevents at least wet shoes and clothes. Unfortunately I’ve found nothing against hairstyles that got destroyed by the rain: D
Dry Cloth developed sprays quite similar to an impregnating spray. However, you can use these sprays also for clothes and they let the water simply roll off of your cloth 😉
As if we are made out of sugar! 😀
The spray is easily applied to the desired shoes or garments. Now you just let things dry, so that the spray can infiltrate well – and ready is your water-repellent stuff
I think it’s a really convenient spray, so I finally haven’t to bear any wet cold feet and ankles  I mainly use it on my shoes and the bottom of the pants, for the rest there are still umbrellas 😉
What are your bad weather tips and tricks?






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