#Fashionista: hardly working or working hard

Often I hear things like:
“Blogging is no work, those are only a few pictures and some text”
Because of that, I want you to tell you how I’m doing my posts. 😉
A snapshot can look great, if I’m lucky and could last for a short Instagram update, but mostly I have to do about 20-30 pictures to be satisfied. (outfit posts often need much, much more : * )
From these 20-30 images a few must be selected and edited then. Now there is still the text to write (in my case German and English) , which also needs to be proofread . So these were the first 1, 5 hours that went by quite fast. Now, however, the “real” job begins. 😀
Post, post, post!
One cannot expect the reader to press the Refresh button constantly and hope for a new post. Instead, you have to draw attention to your post – whether on Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram etc.
Blogging is not only writing, photography and image processing, but also networking. By writing comments and liking other posts, you can draw attention to yourself and get in contact with one or the other photographer or blogger: *
So much for “just a few pictures and some text”: D There’s a bit more effort to it than some people might think.
This post doesn’t intend to prevent anyone from blogging, because it’s a really great hobby or for some even a great job. However, you have just to be aware that blogging is also connected to effort. :*
Suitable for today’s post, there is an outfit with a #Fashionista shirt. This year long and flowing fabrics are absolutely trendy again. The best thing about such a long jacket, blazer or cardigan is the optically stretch: *
The hairstyle that you see here is probably one of the top hairstyles 2016 – the Half Bun . Super casual and chic at the same < 3
Thanks for the wonderful pictures Andreas: * (website)

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