Box your way through and OOTD

lately I’ve red many blog posts about friendship among bloggers . Are these friendships possible or is there too much envy between them?
Who wants to read more about it, will find my favourite posts here :
When I red those blog post ,I also made up my mind. This chain of thought was then not only about bloggers friendship but has developed more and more.
I have to admit, that I ‘m a pretty ambitious person and that I’m sometimes envious too of course. However, I do not begrudge the others their success because they have worked hard for it.
Unfortunately, there are also people who just do not grant others this success. This envy begins at school, where you are trimmed that you have to be good. This pressure to succeed is especially strong in the upper classes. Again and again one is told “work hard, only then you’ll have the chance of getting a good job.” Unfortunately, more and more course of studies have a numerus clauses and so it is true that you sometimes need a quite good final exam to start your dream university course. But there is another way, you can be fully absorbed in an apprenticeship as skilled worker. Well but that’s not the topic right now, but the pressure which is often exerted by parents and teachers is. Many are looking for a valve and release the pressure on their schoolmates, at which they, one might almost say, run a competition who is best. You automatically measure with the classmates and can’t stop doing so, I do not exempt myself from this. Instead of supporting each other, you start to calculate, who later may be of help and if the other one could possibly be better than you through your aid. Of course, this is now exaggerated, but nevertheless it can be seen clearly in the approaches.
Instead of always on oneself, we could perhaps work more effective together and in addition also having a good time together.
Envy and pressure to succeed is not only part of school, but it’s also part of our free time and later at the university and at work.
I mean I recently heard that students have torn pages out of books at the library, which can’t be borrowed, just to have an advantage over the others? How crazy is that, please?
I think our society is developing more and more into an elbow society, where everyone is thinking only about oneself and the own advantage. That’s why we should all think about whether what we are doing, really is the best way.
I thought, for example, at the beginning, blogging is something that you do just for yourself and your readers. I never thought about getting in contact with other bloggers. Just a few weeks ago I’ve noticed what cool, nice and interesting people you can meet. Doing things together, is just much more fun than being a lonely fighter.
According to the topic “Box your way through ” there is a Ootd with Boxer braids , the trend hairstyle 2016 !

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8 comments on “Box your way through and OOTD

  • Liebe Sassi,
    ich finde, du triffst mit diesem Post ein wichtiges Thema unserer Zeit.
    Ich beschäftige mich momentan auch sehr mit dem Neid und den Folgen, die er für uns alle hat.
    Schade ist es, wie du beschreibst, wenn man Angst hat, die eigenen Freunde könnten besser als man selbst werden. In meiner Gedankenwelt schließen sich Neid und anderen ihrem Erfolg gönnen nicht aus – eben so wie du es auch schreibst!
    Ach ja, dein Outfit gefällt mir übrigens auch sehr gut =) Das Kleid würde ich sofort auch tragen!
    Liebe Grüße und schreib weiterhin so ehrliche und gute Beiträge

  • Es freut mich sehr, dass dir mien Post gefällt. Ich finde es super, dass es dir genauso geht wie mir. 🙂
    Vielen Dank, ich habe mich auch sofort in das Kleid verliebt *_*
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar und dein Lob, ich mich riesig gefreut

  • Liebe Sassi, mir ist echt sehr schade, dass die Blogger Sphäre so schlecht dargestellt wird. Ich habe nach zwei Jahren bloggen viele Freundschaften gefunden. Und ich kann dir sagen, dass viele lieb und nett sind. Wir unterstützen uns ständig! Neid und Erfolgsdruck sind ein Fremdwort. Ich habe solche negative Erfahrungen wie in der oben genannten Links nicht gemacht. Aber vielleicht es liegt daran, dass die positive Menschen umgeben sich lieber mit Menschen, die ebenfalls eine positive Lebenseinstellung haben. Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende !
    Liebe Grüße,

  • Ja da hast du recht, in meinem Post geht es ja nur um Neid generell, nicht speziell auf die Bloggersphäre bezogen. Da hast du recht 🙂 Positives zieht eben positives an 😉
    Hab auch ein wunderschönes Wochenende <3