as some of you may have already seen on Instagram, I’ve got two new backgrounds. These backgrounds I use for so-called Flatlays.
Today I want to tell you some tips and tricks for the perfect Flatlay.
What is a Flatlay?
In a Flatlay, items are placed on a flat surface and photographed from the birds eye view. You can arrange the items symmetrically or mess them just as you like. The number of things in the picture is not defined – the variety ranges from a minimalist object up to the overloaded 20 things flatlay.
So now to the tips and tricks that can make your flatlay.
1) Chose an object to be in the focus or a topic.
Articles may be, for example, your new shoes, flowers or a lipstick. To this focused object the rest of your flatlay is done.
If you choose a specific topic, such as “at work” or “what’s in my bag” it is all about finding objects that fit the theme.
2) The background
A good flatlay begins with the background. Since the background should not to detract from the actual “content”, it should be rather simple. However, an unchanging background is a bit boring. To vary you can buy, for example, adhesive sheets or posters at the hardware store. I like to use a Marbel background, white or light-coloured wood. You have to choose a background fitting to your feed, in other words whether its chic or rustic, lighter or darker.
3) Less is more
As mentioned above, there are many different flatlays, some are very ornate, the others are very minimalistic. I always try to find a middle or tend more towards minimalism. The more items there are in the picture, the more strenuous it is to the eye.
4) Colour Composition
So that your flatlay is harmonious, the colours of the used objects should match. Thereby the image appears cleaner and quieter. It is not important that the objects have exactly the same colour, but to use colours which belong to the same colour family. I pay heed to combine warm colours not with cool tones.
So much planning, organizing and thinking of an image that looks super easy at the end. Nevertheless, the simple images are always some kind of special, and are not easy to make at least.
What are your flatlay tricks? Have you ever made a flatly?

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