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the day is fixed, the time is settled and you have already decided what you want to do. Everything is ready for the first date – only you are not. You are standing in front of your closet and clothes are spread around you on the floor. No dress is fitting, no shirt good enough. What should you wear? On this first date everything has to be perfect.
But to a perfect date belongs so much, because besides the date ideas you need the right outfit, the right make-up and, of course, the right partner 😉
So I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post series for you and your perfect spring date, which will consist of the following four parts:

  • The date ideas
  • • The date outfit
  • • The date make-up
  • • The Date No Go’s

Last Sunday, part 1 of the “Springtime” series with 5 fancy date ideas went online. Today this series continues with tips for your perfect outfit.

Clothes make people

Your outfit for the first date is not only important to look good, but also to show who you are. We send out non-verbal signals through our clothes, which can decide in a few milliseconds whether the date will go well or not so well.
So it is definitely worth to think about your look.
First of all, I would like to mention one thing to you: No matter what tips you read in the following, stay true to yourself! You should feel comfortable during your date and show who you are and not what is generally welcomed!
You love spaced out neon clothes? Then wear them. 😉
In addition, the choice of your outfit always depends on what you do. When cycling, pants are better than a dress, while in a cafe also a dress can look very lovely;)

5 quicktips for the perfect date outfit

Enough talk, because here come the 5 quick tips for your perfect date outfit.

1. Show what you got

Every woman has this one absolute highlight-piece of clothing in her closet. This particular piece of clothing is not only very good, but also emphasizes your favorite body parts. So have a heart, wear it and show what you got. So if you have a great butt, then wear your chic highlight trousers that emphasize your butt. Are you totally proud of your boobs? Then dare something and wear this awsome dress with the waterfall cut.
Show in an elegant way what you got.

2. Mission completed

Now that you’ve selected your key piece, the outfit search is already much easier. Create your look around your highlight. Try new combinations and be crazy. This is exactly how something new and cool comes out. Turn up the music, call your best friend and start your private fashion show.

3. These boots are made for walking

Since your outfit is almost complete now, only the shoes are missing. High or flat? Sporty or chic? Just lik the rest of the outfit, the following applies: Wear what suits you and the location. I personally like to wear at least a small heel. This makes me feel a bit more elegant and more attentive to my posture;) A too high heel would kill me probably after a few hours and so spoil the date.

4. Twinkle, twinkle little star

So, your outfit is almost finished – now only the accessories are missing. It is best not to choose too many jewels, because after all, you must not compete with your jewelry. This date is about you, your character … the focus is on you! However, here too, if you usually wear a lot of jewelry, then do it here as well. This is finally “you”.

5. Ready to leave

Your look is ready, the bag is packed and you’re getting nervous. For your perfect date outfit, just the right jacket is missing. According to the new About You advertising, you should definitely go without a jacket, then hope that your date will lend you his. As romantic as that is – I prefer to be on the safe side and choose a matching jacket for the look. Who needs men? 😉
You take a deep breath again, look into the mirror and check one last time if everything fits. Yes, this should be your look, beautiful and unique – just like you.
I hope I could help you with my date outfit tips 😉 But never forget to be yourself, because that makes you unique 😉
To be really ready to go, of course, the perfect make-up and a great Hairstyling is missing … but more about this next week 😉

Pics by Melanie Frenzl

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