5 date ideas for the spring

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You realize how slowly your hands are becoming moist, the excitement rises, and a slight tingling makes itself wide in the belly area. And there he comes already around the corner and is all smile.
Butterflies, romance and maybe a bit of love – oh yes Dates are simply something beautiful.
In the spring, not only the flowers bloom again, but also the feelings. More and more people are longing for this one person. Nobody wants to be alone anymore and so the search starts. In spring, even almost twice as many people use dating apps.

No matter if single or in a relationship, in spring everyone wants to be active. No matter if with a new or with a long-term partner, the date should be anything but boring. After the 10th visit to the movies it may be time to try something more unusual. After all, it are just the extraordinary and unique experiences that are not forgotten so quickly. 😉

But to a perfect date belongs so much, because beside the date idea you need the right outfit, the right make-up and of course the right partner 😉

Therefore, I have thought of writing a blogpost series for you and your perfect spring dates, which will consist of the following three parts:

  1. The date idea
  2. The date outfit
  3. The date make-up
  4. The date No Go’s

The moment has finally arrived – you plucked up courage and you asked him or her for a date. Your heart beats faster and the butterflies in your belly fly by the thought of that day.
Again to the cinema or a café is rather uncreative and so “normal”. Your first date should be something very special, a unique experience that connects you which you will remember with a smile for a long time.
Therefore, I tell you my Top 5 Date Ideas for the spring. Whether you are a romantic or an action hero, there’s something for everyone. So let you get inspired and your successful date is on its way.

1. The relaxed

Yes, it’s a classic, but it’s always nice to have a picnic together and a relaxed talk to get to know each other better – wonderful! Enjoy some goodies and the great weather. By the way, you can not only eat together, but also prepare the picnic basket together. So you know right away what the other likes to eat and that can also say a lot about the person: P

2. The Casual

You know your city inside out? Then make a road trip and explore new areas together. Drive out of the city and enjoy the countryside and the spring air. Open the window, listen to music, and off you go! This road trip can not only be a cool date, but even a bit of holiday feeling. Isn’t it fun to play it by ear and just see where you end up? When you drive, you not only quickly get to know the music taste of each other, but you are also completely undisturbed and have your date all by yourself. 😉

3. The Romantic

You are pure romance? Then this date is just right for you: Make a camp fire, grill marshmallows and look together in the starry sky.
A lukewarm spring night, the magic of the stars and a sweet date – romantic! Cuddling is definitely inevitable here. Do not forget to take enough blankets with you;)

4. The Crazy

What is more beautiful than a cleansing spring rain? I love the smell after a heavy thunderstorm. But why not just going out during the rain? If the soil is still heated by the sun, it is particularly beautiful and not too cold. So pluck up courage and be crazy. Be child again. This date is not only funny, but also definitely unique.
When you warm up, you can get to know each other better, but the ice is definitely broken. 😉

5. The athletes

You are the sporty type? Then get on your bikes and show each other your favorite spots in the city. So you get to know each other quickly and always have something to talk about. Hectic Theme Search? False alarm! In addition, everyone gets to know the city from a different angle. After a break for delicious ice cream, your date is not only sporty, but also sweet;)

That’s what they are, my Top 5 Date ideas for spring. They all have one thing in common: they are unique and allow you to get to know the person in a special atmosphere. Because, as you can see, the choice of a date already tells a lot about one person.;)

By the way: These date ideas work just as well if you have been a couple for a long time. Whether it is simply to do something special, celebrate an anniversary or liven up the relationship.

I hope I could inspire you a bit and you have found the right date for you.

So trust yourself!

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