Be Sassique

How nice that you dropped on my blog … : )

About me

First, let me introduce myself to you:

My name is Sassi, I am 18 years old and I’m from beautiful Munich. I have just completed my graduation and I’ll begin a dual study in Munich in September.

About my blog

2015 I discovered blogging for me, and now it is one of my biggest passions. Since I consider “uniqueness” as extremely important, the blog name “Be Sassique” is created of the words “unique” and “Sassi” my name.

My blog is about fashion and beauty. As a (unique) human is composed of many facets, it is also about my love for travelling and for my hometown Munich. Finally there is also some creativity and blogger tips.

Quite many facets – and that’s why I hope that you find something that interests you.

Look around and if you like it here, you’re welcome at any time <3

Hope to see you soon