Kiko Eyeshadow

Today there is a small review once again, this time for an eyeshadow from Kiko. In everyday life, I’m not a big fan of too much eye shadow and stronger make  up, but with the help of this eye shadow you look even more awake immediately. The eye shadow is crossed by rose-pink and silver streaks and contains small glitter particles. I prefer to wear it not just on the eyelid but also directly under the eyebrow. So your eyes will look bigger and more alert. In the morning bustle the eyelid line can sometimes be a bit too thick, but removing the make up again? Costs too much time. In order to soften the line I just put a little of this eye shadow on the eyelid line and hey presto the eyeliner is light gray and no longer look that thick.
But in the evening it gives the perfect Glitter finish over a darker eye shadow. You can create a special highlight if you apply the eyeshadow on the inner corner of eye.
As you can see, here, the eye shadow colour is really discreet. So don’t worry about taking too much colour on your applicator.

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