Kiko hand and foot cream

Here you see two more of my birthday presents which you can use the whole year but which are needed especially in the winter. On the one hand a hand and on the other hand a foot cream.
The hand cream is nearly odorless and will help against dry hands.
Intensive hand balm with a smoothing, anti-dryness action.
Concentrated formula with a soothing action. Thanks to its select active ingredients, it helps soothe chapped skin.
Its velvety texture permits a pleasant and effective massage at an ideal absorption speed; creates a lasting protective barrier, that lasts even after you wash* your hands.
When applied daily, it nourishes and soothes dry skin, leaving the hands soft and regenerated.
The cream keeps its promises – it makes your hands smooth. But this “protective barrier” is a bit annoying as the hands feel creamy very long. Maybe it’s different for very dry hands. 😉
Price: 9.00 USD
Also, the foot balm has only a slight odor and is intended to help against dry feet and heels.
Daily cream for cracked feet and heels. The fast-absorbing formula has been developed to intensely nourish the skin on dry feet, rough heels and nails. The compound of active ingredients has an exfoliating action for dead skin cell removal. It helps re-establish the correct hydration for a renewed skin effect and includes a special keratin amino acid, which prevents nails from breaking and flaking. An ideal combination for the perfect pedicure. The gliding, silky and non-greasy texture is  practical and ultra-comfortable to apply.
I am absolutely thrilled from the balm that makes your feet feel silky smooth already after the first application. A Treatment that our feet definitely deserve after long high heel evenings. 😉
Price: 9.00 USD

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