Rest Relaxation Drink*

on such a hot and busy day like today, you’re just happy if you can relax at home. However, one needs relaxation not only at the end of the day, but perhaps also as a break in between or before an important exam. Just before my German Abi I received a packet of rest drink, so I could test the drink optimally.
Rest relaxation drinks are in principle similar to energy drinks, just that they do not bring power but help you to relax. Contrary to energy drinks this drink doesn’t contain preservatives or colorant. Even the caffeine is eliminated of course and is replaced by the calming passionflower. Instead, natural ingredients, such as orange juice, cranberry juice, or ginger are used.
That sounds quite good, but does it really work?
I must say, I’ve felt a little more relaxed after the drink in the examination, not so nervous and excited. However, I was of course still nervous, but not quite as much as before. The chilled rest relaxation drink “helped” me better in a study break. Chilled and in the garden it tastes refreshing and just better than tepid in the classroom)
Do you know the rest relaxation drink?

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