5 tips for your Spring Makeover and color guide*

Hi Unique,

The warm rays of the sun tickle your nose, and the birds twitter comes to your ears. You open your eyes and are ready for a new wonderful day. During spring and summer, you get so much better and above all more motivated out of the bed, or what’s your opinion?

This weekend in Munich was an absolute dream weather, that inspired me to redecorate my apartment. After enjoying the sun a bit, I have dedicated myself to the spring cleaning and a spring makeover.

So that also your apartment becomes ready for Spring I now have 5 very simple quick tips.

Change of scenery and color guide

Away with the dreary winter colors! Bring more color into your life. Each color has a different effect on the mood. Therefore, I chose a color that not only appeals to me very well, but also gives the impetus to the right mood. Whether you choose more for strong colors or pastel tones, is entirely up to you.

Pink – joy

pink is one of my absolute favourite colors, as you can easily recognize in my blog design;)

pink communicates joy and a feeling of lightness – perfect for spring.

Violet – inspiration

I chose lilac accents because violet is the color of inspiration. Now, too, I’m sitting in my living room and typing these lines for you. Violet is intended to increase concentration and provide for creativity.

Blue – rest

All the different shades of blue are particularly suitable for rooms where you want to relax. Another advantage is that especially small rooms have a larger effect through blue walls.

Green – harmony

Green belongs to the spring like no color else. Everything begins to spit and bloom. All shades of green convey subconsciously a sense of freedom. So get one or the other plant into your home and you’ll feel the spring even more.

Orange – joy of life

The best mood brightener under the colors is orange. So if you have to get rid of the winter blues after the long winter, Orange is perfect.

White – purity

With White you can put more light accents everywhere. So it will not be too colorful. White also stands for simple elegance.

If you have chosen the right colors, you can start playing. Here are my 5 Quick Tips for your Spring Makeover.

1. Let them bloom

Get some flowers or plants in your apartment and let yourself be inspired by their wonderful fragrance. So you have a few new decoration elements that make your apartment more lively. The best way to choose the flowers is to match the colors with the rest of your decoration.

2. Pillow Party

Put accents on your sofa and gussy it up with a few colorful cushions. The best thing is to put some extra pillows on your sofa and make the right accents. Of course, you can also just buy a few covers and re-apply old pillows.

3. Smell the Spring

Even if fresh flowers already provide a good fragrance, a room fragrance can’t be wrong. The new box of gofeminin contained a great scent bag filling the whole space. It smells not only wonderful, but also looks super sweet. When you open the door of the apartment you are immediately greeted by a fresh, springy scent

4. Turn the music on

I’m almost never without music – but why not just try something new? I recently discovered this super cool record player from Crosley and was so enthusiastic that I had to have one. Moreover, thanks to the special design and the absolutely cool color, the record player is also a perfect decorative element.

Another highlight is that you can also take the record player with you to your next sea visit, because of the portable battery. 😉

Isn’t that real cool? You also want to get a very special highlight for your apartment? Then secure the 10% discount until 30.04.2015 with the code “BeSas_SF_04_17

5. Get arty

Also with a few new pictures you can arrange for new decoration. Whether motivating sayings or unusual motifs – let your imagination run wild. I like my new prints from Homebasar especially well. How do you like them?

You like my new pictures of homebasar as well as me? Then win one of five packages with two prints of your choice.

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I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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* This post was created in a lovley cooperation with Crosley Radio and Homebasar



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